So crushes Navara in second game

Wesley So with

Wesley So with “adopted mother” Lotis key in Prague (Photo by Anezka Kruzikova – official website)

By Bert Eljera
LAS VEGAS – Like the first game, Wesley So nursed a two-pawn advantage going into the end game, but this time, he did not let David Navara slip through, winning decisively to take a 1.5 to .5 lead in their 4-game series in Prague.
The 21-year-old Filipino grandmaster playing under the U.S. flag prevailed after 56 moves in a rook and pawns endgame in which the 30-year Czech was helpless in the end.
It was So’s first victory in three games against Navara, including their draw in the last round of the French League Top 12 team championships recently in the south of France.
Game 3 will be played Sunday and the series ends on Tueday for the CEZ Chess Trophy organized by the Prague Chess Society.
So also played against 22 opponents in simultaneous games before the series with Navara, winning 18, drawing 3 and losing 1.
 The moves:
So vs. Navara
1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e5 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. g3 d5 5. cxd5 Nxd5 6. Bg2 Nb6 7. O-O Be7 8. d3 O-O 9. a3 Be6 10. Be3 Nd5 11. Nxd5 Bxd5 12. Rc1 Bd6 13. Qa4 Qe8 14. Rfe1 Ne7 15. Qxe8 Rfxe8 16. Bc5 Nc6 17. b4 a6 18. Nd2 Bxg2 19. Kxg2 Re7 20. Ne4 Rd7 21. g4 Nd8 22. Bxd6 cxd6 23. Nc3 d5 24. Na4 Rb8 25. e3 f6 26. f4 g6 27. Rc2 Ne6 28. f5 gxf5 29. gxf5 Ng7 30. Rf1 d4 31. e4 Nh5 32. Nb6 Rg7+ 33. Kf3 Nf4 34. Rfc1 Rf8 35. Rc8 Rgf7 36. Rg1+ Kh8 37. Rc2 Rd8 38. Nd5 Nxd5 39. exd5 Rfd7 40. Rgc1 Rxd5 41. Rc8 Kg7 42. Rxd8 Rxd8 43. Rc7+ Kh6 44. Rxb7 Rc8 45. h4 Rc1 46. Ke4 Re1+ 47. Kd5 e4 48. Re7 49. Rxe4 Rxa3 50. Rxd4 Kh5 .51. Ke6 a5 52. bxa5 Rxa5 53. Kxf6 h6 54. Rd7 Ra4 55. Ke7 Rd4 56. f6

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