Circle of Friends

BCS-SJC Class '68 -  Manila Group

BCS-SJC Class ’68 – Manila Group


By Bert Eljera

Part 1

LAS VEGAS – Groups – or more precisely, Circle of Friends – have been the backbone of this effort to raise money for the Bert Eljera Kidney Transplant Fund.

Because they were my first and earliest friends, my elementary and high school classmates in Borongan, Eastern Samar, have been the most important, and possibly, the largest donors to the campaign.

Through the efforts of Nonon Bocar, Dr. Jorge Ty, Nethel Caballes and Embing Abenis, classmates based in Manila, contributed $200, the money raised while Typhoon Glenda was battering Metro Manila and parts of Luzon.

This, from friends struggling with financial issues on their own!

In addition, classmates Allan Voloso, Nida Baquilod-Villalon, Maleah Kintana Fumar and Myra and Nonoy Lim sent personal donations.

Even sisters of elementary-school classmates donated. The son of an arithmetic teacher,and the sister of a music teacher also chipped in.

When everything is said and done, these classmates will surely help us achieve our target of  $15,000.

Bosom buddies Blas Balano and Noel Baquilod and his spouse, long-time high school friend, Irma Raagas Baquilod, have started to raise funds in New York and the East Coast.

At the Ay Borongan meeting for the town fiesta  at the Long Island residence of Arnaldo and Edith Raagas, themselves one of the first donors, they passed the hat around and collected some cash.

In addition, quite a few committed to joining a bus tour to Atlantic City in early August, organized by Blas and Noel, to bring in more donations.

Through the efforts of Blas and his lovely wife Sucil, HANDS, or Humanitarian Aid to the Needy, Desperate and Suffering, an East Coast-based charity, donated for the fund. Our thanks to the group’s president, Pia Santos and their members.

Obviously, we have cast a wide net. But if this the only way to save  a life, we just have to do it. And I thank my Circle of Friends built through the years.

BCS-SJC Class '68 Atlantic City bus tour

BCS-SJC Class ’68 Atlantic City bus tour



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