Back to my roots

By Bert Eljera

LAS VEGAS – It’s great to be back on the pages of a Philippine newspaper. It’s like coming home. After nearly 30 years in the United States, and writing for American newspapers in California, Florida and Nevada, it’s nice to put words on paper again in the place I learned to sharpen my pen.

For 10 years I covered Philippine sports for the then Bulletin Today (now the Manila Bulletin) and watched – and wrote stories – for practically every Philippine Basketball Association game during that time.

For someone who had fantasized about shooting a three-pointer in a game that mattered, it was heaven watching Jaworski, Fernandez, Co, Cezar, and Guidaben on a nightly basis.

But husbandry and fatherly duties called. So off to a foreign shore I went, and there raised a family. Now it has come full circle.

So, I’m back. Not for good just yet – but getting there. For the time being, I’m still based in Las Vegas, where I have resided for the past couple of years.

* * *

While writing for such newspapers as the Los Angeles Times, I covered local government, school districts, police, courts, and various beats.

At the Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida, I was a business writer. But everywhere I went, my heart was always in sports, and I covered mostly high school and college sports.

Here in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to cover Manny Pacquiao and other Filipino boxers – and wrote for Filipino newspapers, including one in Saudi Arabia, where a fellow Manila sportswriter edits the sports pages.

* * *

I write about Asian-American politics and public issues for, an online publication that provides content for Google News and other outlets ( and a blog (http://www.thelasvegasorientexpress/

For the Ang Pinoy Mirror, I will be writing a column on various issues, particularly those that impact Filipinos overseas, but that means practically everything. My babies have been politics and sports, and so my focus are likely about them.

Great time to start now that election time is upon us.



Born and raised in the Philippines, Bert Eljera now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada after decades in California and Florida. He has worked as a journalist for more than 25 years, writing for such newspapers as the Manila Bulletin, Los Angeles Times, Stockton Record, Asian Week, Florida Times-Union and the Vero Beach Press-Journal. Currently, he writes for and a blog, The Las Vegas Orient Express.


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